Ethiopia - Benti Nenka

Ethiopia - Benti Nenka

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FARM NOTES┃The Benti Nenka site is located in Hambela Wamena region, within Ethiopia's southern Guji Zone. Sorting out imperfect coffee cherry starts on delivery, and extends all the way to the drying tables. Farmers must hand sort their cherry for defects before it is received. The cherry is then floated in tanks of water to catch any underripe coffee before the processing begins. For dry process coffee, the whole cherries are laid to dry on raised beds for 2-3 weeks, during which workers turn the coffee and continue the process of picking out any undesireable coffee cherry. Benti Nenka's beds are built with splits bamboo reeds  so they're flat and quite sturdy, then a layer of cloth to allow air to pass through the beds. You see a lot of chicken wire used at other sites, which tends to sag, creating uneven coffee layers. This lot is only comprised of coffee from the small holders in the Benti Nenka area, whose farms span an altitude range of roughly 1900 to 2200 meters above sea level.

IN THE CUP┃In the dry fragrance, there is a sweetness of unrefined sugars, dark brown sugar, and a molasses cookie note. The wet aroma lets off a floral berry essence in the steam, along with cooked sugars, and a dark stone fruit accent. When the cup was still quite hot I sensed floral aspects in the brew that reminded me more of really ripe berry than actual flowers (strawberry and blueberry, in this case). Benti Nenka's syrupy body yields bittersweet chocolate flavors that combine well with darker fruit tones, like plum, and natural dried apricots. 

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